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Eleonora Van Orman

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Client success story

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Exercise is an integral part to managing Parkinsons

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A big congratulations to Peter for losing weight, improving his stamina and reducing his knee pain!

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Client Success Story

Posted: 9/15/2016 4:08 PM
Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects the pancreas’ ability to produce insulin which helps the body control blood sugar levels. The Canadian Diabetes Association release a “Diabetes Charter” revealing that 3.4 million Canadian had Diabetes in 2015 and is predicting that number to rise to 5 million by 2025.
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The focus today is burning some of the calories that are all a part of the holidays. If you need modified exercises because of an injury or you haven’t exercised in a while drop me a note erin@vintagefitness.ca and I will send different exercises through. If you want an even more personalized program for your needs consider in home personal training. We have a special in December 2015 and January 2016 of a trial couple of sessions for a discounted rate Click here for our Special Gift Offer
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The traditional image of personal training is a buff twenty something trainer asking clients to ‘drop down and give them 20 push ups. The world of personal training has changed in the last ten years to a place with trainers specialized in pre and post natal care, weight loss and active aging to name a few. If you have a complicated health history, low motivation or haven’t exercised in years don’t be intimidated to work with a personal trainer.
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Happy Canada Day! I hope that you enjoyed the day and were able to celebrate with family and friends. I have to admit that I struggle to eat well over the summer, with all of the BBQs and cottage drinks my resolve diminishes and I think maybe I will give myself a break over the summer. A “cheat day” every so often where you let yourself have a few treats is a great strategy to keep you on the healthy eating track in the long term but weeks of “treats” will make you feel tired and disappointed
Posted: 5/15/2015 5:01 PM
As the weather warms here in Toronto many of us try to lose the extra winter layer of fat that has built up. Our team of in home personal trainers specialized to work with people over 50 can customize a weight loss program for you and take you through it step by step. Here are five of the best weight loss tips for people over 50: