Phyllis’s Success Story

Phyllis has improved balance, flexibility, grip and lose weight in the process

Written by her Vintage Fitness personal trainer, Kristy

Phyllis is a client that any trainer would be lucky to have! She is very intuitive about her body which makes teaching her easier and fun. She communicates regularly with me about what she is feeling, so I can adapt the training. As I continue to educate her about her postural compensations, one being mild scoliosis, she has made several changes to her daily living of how she completes tasks such as gardening and cleaning to become more efficient with little to no aches and pains. If she does have aches or pains occasionally, she now has knowledge of what could have caused the ache and which stretches and exercises to do to help alleviate the tension and strengthen the area.

Phyllis not only is more symmetrical when I measured her, for example her head, shoulder blades and hips are more level to name a few major areas, but when I assessed her flexibility I found she has improved her flexibility 4x better in her whole body which was one of her goals. In addition her balance has improved 3x better for example, standing one 1 leg for 2 min 45 sec, which far exceeds her risk of falling. Another one of her goals was to improve her upper body strength. Upon originally testing her she couldn't complete 1 push up off the floor onto knees, now she can do 10. Her grip strength is that of a 35 year old, able to squeeze 50 lbs and she's able to hold 100 lbs in her hands. Due to her neck and postural issues she wasn't originally tested for overhead lifts however, now that her posture has improved, she can safely lift weight overhead doing 30 reps of 5 lbs. She can hold plank for 2 min 15 sec demonstrating improved upper body and core and postural stability.

At first she couldn't hold side plank due to her right shoulder tension and asymmetries in her upper body now she can hold for over 1 min. Planks are an essential part of a fitness program for those with scoliosis, as it will prevent the spine from further curving. In terms of body composition, she is now in all the healthy categories, such as weight she has lost 8 lbs and BF lost 5 % and has exceeded the recommended muscle mass % for her age and gender. Phyllis success is largely contributed to her doing her homework I prescribed regularly. She has made her health her priority and its paying off. I look forward to continue working with you Phyllis on your next set of goals!

What Phyllis has to say....

Working with Kristy has been, and continues to be, a journey about getting in touch with my body.
Through exercise and stretches, I have been able to establish a relationship with a body that I took for granted. I feel more confident in myself, in my dancing and can see a future of continual improvement.

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