Senior Fitness Webinars

Vintage Fitness does free webinars every 6 weeks on seniors health and wellness topics such as fitness, nutrition, stress management, fall prevention and getting motivated to exercise.  We are personal trainers that are passionate about improving the lives of seniors with exercise.  If you would like a free consultation with a seniors fitness expert call (866) 471-0109

Past Webinar Recordings

Welcome to our treasure trove of insights on senior fitness! Vintage Fitness is proud to offer an extensive library of past webinars, each packed with an hour of expert advice tailored for seniors. Dive into our collection to discover a range of topics, from exercise tips to wellness strategies, all designed to enhance your fitness journey. Watch our recorded sessions at your leisure and be inspired to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. Start exploring now

What does "Building Lean Muscle: The KEY to Healthy Aging and Longevity

What does "Weight Training" include and what type is best for older adults?

Improve your balance and stability with our balance challenge

Prevent a fall this winter

How to exercise to help you age well

Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity (Book Review)

Gardening Fit For Seniors

Seniors: Get Fit for Your Next Trip

Leap Into the New Year With Positivity of Mind Body and Spirit

Depression and Seniors

Setting Realistic Health Goals for Seniors

Top Walking Tips for Seniors

Ease Your Low Back Pain For Seniors

Help your parents to stay living independently in their homes as they age

Fundamentals of Longevity

Keys to improving your posture and easing your pain

Balance, Vertigo and Dizziness Workshop for Seniors

How to Get Off The Floor with Ease

What to learn to build your brain at any age?

12 Ways to Improve Your Eating That Will Stick

How can I persuade my parents to exercise?

Low Back Pain

Motivation to Move

Nutrition for Seniors

Stress Reduction

CoVid Lifestyle Reset

Fall Prevention

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