Health Care Professionals

Considering referring your older adult patient to Vintage Fitness?

We love to work as a health care team.

We love to work as a health care team.

We respect your work as a healthcare professional and would like to work with you to continue to build your patients strength, flexibility and stamina. Vintage Fitness personal trainers are open to consultation and including your prescribed exercises in clients’ programs.

Our personal trainers will stay in touch.

We would stay in touch.

We are happy to send through client programs for your feedback and refer you clients that need your care before we can start to work with them.

Experienced Personal Trainers

We are experienced.

All of our personal trainers are older adult fitness specialists and many have undergraduate degrees in kinesiology and college degrees in health promotion. We do regular in-house training sessions with experts on topics such as low back pain and balance. Have a look at the Vintage Fitness youtube site for exercises we often suggest.

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