• Meet Kristy Belanger

Personal Trainer Kristy Belanger, Scarborough area

Kristy Belanger

Etobicoke area


  • Certified Personal Trainer 10 +years-Can Fit Pro
  • Certified Exercise Therapist level 1 and 2 -ECA
  • Certified Functional Movement Systems Therapist level 1 and 2-FMS
  • Certified Nutritionist / Sports Nutritionist-YMCA
  • Certified CPR and AED-Can Fit Pro


  • Active Rehabilitation
  • Weight Loss
  • Balance Training
  • Posture and Functional Movement Improvement
  • Core Training

kristy talks about her approach

I’ve been working as a Personal Trainer full time since 2008, and it’s been a rewarding career to say the least!

I have been fortunate to help lots of people reach their goals and redefine a healthier version of them-selves again.

I’m passionate about working with people who have conditions and injuries which make it difficult and overwhelming sometimes, just to get started exercising or continue exercising. I love paving the way and being creative and logical in coming up with different techniques to customize a workout that suits my clients individual needs. I’ve had the pleasure of working with various clients over years who had chronic muscle and joint injuries including spinal injuries, CNS disorders such as Parkinson’s and Neuropathy as well as Post Rehab patients from Stroke or Heart Attack, clients who have Arthritis as well as clients who may have High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, just to name a few…..

I enjoy working with my clients other health care professionals to better help my client. I believe in a team based -holistic approach.

I have remained active most of my life with competitive figure skating, yoga, volleyball, competitive long distance running, rock climbing, kayaking, biking and hiking, just to name a few. My body just feels better moving, keep yours moving too!

Map of Service Area

Kristy trains seniors in Etobicoke, West Toronto and East Mississauga

What Her Clients Say

Kristy was a great support and help for me during my recovery from major surgeries and subsequent physical weakness and pain. Her sweet attitude was also a big comfort. I was impressed and felt secure with her knowledge of subtle aspects of working with the human body.

Shelley Gorman

I am a 54 year old woman who has a fair amount of scar tissue due to numerous incidents over the years (bikes, horses, ATVs, golf balls, surgeries). If I don't move, I curl up like a pretzel and as time went on, my mobility was beginning to be severely curtailed. Kristy, in conjunction with my chiropractor and physiotherapist, put together a program that over the last 3 months, has allowed me to stand up straight, walk straight and has restored my strength. I am no longer in pain, plagued by knots and soon, I will be able to kite surf again. I got further physically, with Kristy that I have the last 10 years, with my other therapists. She really knows what she is doing. I have defined arms, legs and midsection again - wuhu!.

High Park

Im 67 and retired for 4 years as a managerial desk job. I have arthritic knees and was 35lbs over weight and getting out of breath walking up a few flights of stairs. The thought of a gym didn’t appeal to me so with some research online, I found Erin and Vintage Fitness. It sat in my browser for a year before I pulled the trigger. Erin sent Kristy Belanger for an initial interview to review my goals and find out a little about her. I was very pleased with her knowledge and attention to detail. She spent first few weeks assessing my abilities and limits to devise a plan which I really appreciated. After only 3 month I have lost 15 lbs and 2 inches off waist. I am able to reach my shoe laces and my knees are in much better condition due to the weight loss and Kristy working key lower body muscles to give me proper support for my knees. We now wet new goals and are working towards them, signing up for another 6 months. Highly recommend Kristy and Vintage Fitness to anyone!

Peter K.

Ive been working with Kristy Belanger since May 2018. My goal initially was to lose weight. So faras of September 2018 I have lost 31 lbs and a total of 11.5 inches.This is all down to Kristy and her vast knowledge of fitness and dietary needs.During this time I have had a couple minor injuies to deal with and Kristy was able to adjust my program immediately and direct me to the proper professionals to help in my recovery. Looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future. Thanks Kristy!

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