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Personal Trainer Kristy Belanger, Etobicoke area

Kristy Belanger

Etobicoke area


  • Certified Personal Trainer since 2009-CFP
  • Certified Exercise Therapist level 1 and 2-ETA
  • Certified Older Adult (Active Aging Certificate) -CFP
  • Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist -CETI
  • Certified Functional Movement Systems Therapist level 1 and 2-FMS
  • Certified Nutritionist -YMCA
  • Certified First Aid, CPR, AED -Lifesaving Society
  • Heart Wise Exercise Trainer -U of Ottawa
  • Studying Precision Nutrition level 1-PN
  • Assistant Physiotherapist- Physio Med


  • Active Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Posture and Functional Movement Specialist
  • Older Adult Specialist
  • Oncology Specialist
  • Weight Loss Specialist

kristy talks about her approach

I've been working as a personal trainer since 2009 and it been such a rewarding career!

I have been fortunate to help hundreds of clients reach their goals and redefine a healthier version of themselves!

I work on land or in a pool to help clients.

Practising what I preach, is what keeps me happy, healthy and fit.

I am passionate about working with older adults, as seeing their aches and pains diminish and their independence and confidence grow is truly touching, as their quality and longevity of their life improves.

I am also passionate about working with people who have conditions or injuries that make it difficult and overwhelming sometimes to get started. I've worked with people who have the following conditions, aches/pains from being de-conditioned or postural issues, arthritis (osteo, rheumatoid), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes type 1 and 2, asthmatic, nephropathy, parkinson, dementia, fibromyalgia,stroke post rehab, heart attack post rehab, low back/hip pain (muscular/neurological) scoliosis, joint replacement following acute physio, breast cancer survivors.....to name a few

After having my baby, I developed breast cancer. Once most of my treatments were finished, I decided to get certified to be able to help others as often cancer survivors are not directed how to work out during treatments even though the research suggests huge benefits if done effectively. Often they are left with complications/asymmetries from surgery or lasting effects from chemo/ radiation which can be lifelong and progressively worsen if not addressed.

I am a very detail oriented person making sure your assessment is through, also making sure your educated in the review of your assessment as to what I noticed and what we need to work on. Your program will be detailed based off your goals and what I  found in the assessment. Your program(s) will be complete including all facets of health (cardiovascular, flexibility of muscles and mobility of joints, balance, endurance, agility, strength, nutrition and health coaching)

I have been working as a mobile therapist most of my career and its very interpersonal and exciting to be able to work in the comfort of clients home or gym. I find people are more likely to work out regularly if its convenient. I love being creative and systematic in progressing the clients custom workouts in a fun way.

I enjoy collaborating with other health professionals that my clients are working with to offer more of a holistic approach.

I stay up to date with seminars, workshops, conferences to be a leader in the industry and offer my clients nothing but the best service.

Skating from the age of 8 to 16 gave me a outlet from stress and built my confidence which allowed me to find myself. After high school I went on to do 1 year of university then a 3 year diploma but I was lost in what I chose to study (social work/arts) as it wasn't my passion. I was working out at the YMCA at the time and that's when I decided to get certified in personal training. It was one of the best decisions I made for myself personally and professionally as activity keeps me healthy physically, mentally and emotionally so I'm better able to take care of myself, family and clients!

Map of Service Area

Kristy trains seniors in Etobicoke, West Toronto and East Mississauga

What Her Clients Say

Kristy was a great support and help for me during my recovery from major surgeries and subsequent physical weakness and pain. Her sweet attitude was also a big comfort. I was impressed and felt secure with her knowledge of subtle aspects of working with the human body.

Shelley Gorman

I am a 54 year old woman who has a fair amount of scar tissue due to numerous incidents over the years (bikes, horses, ATVs, golf balls, surgeries). If I don't move, I curl up like a pretzel and as time went on, my mobility was beginning to be severely curtailed. Kristy, in conjunction with my chiropractor and physiotherapist, put together a program that over the last 3 months, has allowed me to stand up straight, walk straight and has restored my strength. I am no longer in pain, plagued by knots and soon, I will be able to kite surf again. I got further physically, with Kristy that I have the last 10 years, with my other therapists. She really knows what she is doing. I have defined arms, legs and midsection again - wuhu!.

High Park

Im 67 and retired for 4 years as a managerial desk job. I have arthritic knees and was 35lbs over weight and getting out of breath walking up a few flights of stairs. The thought of a gym didn’t appeal to me so with some research online, I found Erin and Vintage Fitness. It sat in my browser for a year before I pulled the trigger. Erin sent Kristy Belanger for an initial interview to review my goals and find out a little about her. I was very pleased with her knowledge and attention to detail. She spent first few weeks assessing my abilities and limits to devise a plan which I really appreciated. After only 3 month I have lost 15 lbs and 2 inches off waist. I am able to reach my shoe laces and my knees are in much better condition due to the weight loss and Kristy working key lower body muscles to give me proper support for my knees. We now wet new goals and are working towards them, signing up for another 6 months. Highly recommend Kristy and Vintage Fitness to anyone!

Peter K.

Ive been working with Kristy Belanger since May 2018. My goal initially was to lose weight. So faras of September 2018 I have lost 31 lbs and a total of 11.5 inches.This is all down to Kristy and her vast knowledge of fitness and dietary needs.During this time I have had a couple minor injuies to deal with and Kristy was able to adjust my program immediately and direct me to the proper professionals to help in my recovery. Looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future. Thanks Kristy!

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