Vintage Fitness will Support you During this Lockdown

COVID-19 takes a toll on seniors mental health

Doug Ford has just announced another lockdown in Ontario. This is not the news that any of us wanted to hear and it is tempting to crawl back into bed with the covers over our heads. Now is the time to think about how you can use this lockdown to become stronger, more balanced and use exercise to keep your mood up and stress levels under control.

How will Vintage Fitness support you:

  1. In this lockdown phase personal training in home is considered essential. All of our trainers have all of their vaccinations, wear masks and test themselves for CoVid regularly.
  2. We have a virtual training program that is proven to improve the strength, stamina and balance of seniors
  3. I am open to a free weekly group class over zoom for Vintage Fitness clients during this lockdown. Let me know if you are interested and I will get it planned.

If you have questions about our CoVid processes or would like to try a zoom training session with a seniors fitness expert give me a call. I am the owner of Vintage Fitness and my direct line is (647) 598-4496 or book a call using the green link below.

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