From “Hating Exercise” to Working Out Three Times a Week

Personal Trainer for Seniors, Etobicoke

Vintage Fitness personal trainer and older adult fitness specialist Catherine (shown above with the fetching Santa hat) tells the story of a client who trained with her for a year. The story should give hope to anyone who hates to exercise.

The Client's Challenge

I recently had the pleasure of training a client over a period of 12 months. She came to me stating that she “hated training”! She refused to go to a gym and I was never to speak about food and/or nutrition and dieting. She simply wanted to lose inches and weight!. She wanted to play with her young grandchildren well into the sunset of her life!

Personalized Training at Home

So we would meet three days a week at her home to train. I brought equipment and she also had a fair amount of equipment as her husband was a fiend for exercise. Knowing that she traveled a lot, I spent a great amount of time showing her the art of training using only her own body weight.

Overcoming Resistance

Many days she would greet me at the door with the comment, “I hate working out! I only do it because I like you!” And so the hour would pass very quickly as we chatted through all the exercise routines.

Remarkable Results

It has been a year now and she has lost many inches in her bust, waist and hips! I no longer hear her wheezing! And friends she has not seen for awhile say, “You look fantastic!”

Embracing a Active Lifestyle

Where is my client now? She is either traveling or crawling on the flooring playing with her grandchildren.

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