Osteoporosis and Exercise

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mineral density leaving the bones thin and porous.  The Greek translation of osteoporosis is osteo (the bone), poro (is becoming porous), sis (and inflamed).  In the beginning stages of the disease it is often called “The Silent Thief” because there are no symptoms.  As Osteoporosis progresses, crush and compression fractures and pain are common.

Some of the risk factors for the disease such as gender, body frame and age are out of our control but there are many lifestyle choices such as not smoking, eating healthy foods including calcium and Vitamin D and doing weight bearing exercise.

If a client has osteoporosis and no other conditions such as arthritis the best exercise is impact and weight bearing exercises.  The clients that we work with at Vintage Fitness with Osteoporosis often have other medical conditions so we work to find the best exercise plan for them.

A few things to consider:

  • Weight bearing exercise can mean pushing your own body weight or using resistance such as exercise bands, hand weights and weight machines
  • Don’t do abdominal crunches.  The motion puts the spine at risk and there are lots of other ways to work your core
  • Include balance training in your exercise program to avoid a fall which could lead to a fracture
  • Challenge yourself on the weights that you use.  The heavier the weight the better the bone building.
  • Avoid twisting exercises
  • Avoid back bends (hyperextension of the spine)
  • Include posture exercises

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