Exercise Tips for people with Dementia

A few weeks ago the Vintage Fitness personal training team attended a workshop  called “common medical conditions and exercise prescriptions for the older adult” with Ona McDonald (PRO trainer with the Canadian Fitness Professionals)

We discussed the conditions most often seen in our older adult clients and the best “exercise prescription” for each.  For the next 12 weeks I will discuss a different health condition every week:

The connection between exercise and preventing as well as helping to manage dementia is well documented in scientific research.  Your brain produces more brain derived neurotrophic factor which cleans out highways in the brain when you exercise.   Mood , muscular strength and balance will also improve with exercise which is critical to clients with dementia. 

If you are supporting a family member or friend with dementia and you would like to increase their exercise habits here are a few tips:

  1. Keeping routine with dementia patients is important and if possible go to their home
  2. Keep everything easy- short, simple, clear instructions
  3. Include exercises that cross the mid-line of the body

seniors exercising while seating

  1. Vintage Fitness trainers working with dementia clients find working with soft balls very helpful.  The ball becomes a target to aim for instead of having to explain complicated movement patterns
  2. Include facial exercise (especially for people with Parkinsons)
  3. Use music of their past to keep it fun
  4. Try Tai Chi & Qigong

If you would like a free consultation about how Vintage Fitness in home personal trainers could help your family member with dementia drop me a note erin@vintagefitness.ca



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