Tips for Golfers and Tennis Elbow injuries

The most common elbow injuries are injuries to the medial and lateral sides of the elbow joint. 

Golf Elbow:

  • Tendon inflammation in the inside tendon of the forearm
  • Pain coming from a gripping action
  • Aggravated by flexion (eg bicep curl) and pronation (rotating your thumb down)
  • Joint may be warm to the touch

Tennis Elbow

  • Tendon inflammation in the outside tendon of the forearm
  • May be caused by repetitive actions such as gripping, twisting motions, trauma
  • Joint feels weak- it is difficult to lift things
  • Pain gets worse towards the end of the day
  • Aggravated by wrist extension (lifting the fingers up- making a “stop” hand)


  • Ice your elbow for 10 minutes a few times a day
  • No “grippy” workouts such as kettlebells swings or bicep curls
  • To reduce inflammation in the body take out foods that can cause inflammation such as grains, dairy and sugar
  • Rest from the activity (tennis, golf, pitching in baseball, gardening) that caused the injury for a few weeks
  • Try the stretch below

Wrist /Forearm Stretch

Wrist /Forearm Stretch

Benefits of the exercise:

Releases tension in the wrist and biceps


  • Move in painfree range- if you feel a sharp pain stop
  • Keep your back straight and shoulders down

How long should I do it for:

  • hold for 30 seconds, repeat 5 times


This is a 12 week blog series discussing common medical conditions and exercise prescriptions for the older adult.


How to avoid getting injured while golfing

How to avoid getting injured while golfing

How to avoid getting injured while golfing

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