Success Story: 82 Years-Old Improves Strength, Balance and Endurance

Exercise has helped 82 years old improve Strength, Balance, and Endurance

At 82, Elizabeth is stronger, with better balance and endurance than last year.

When Elizabeth started working with Angie, a personal trainer from Vintage Fitness she had clear goals in mind:

Elizabeth’s Goals

  1. To improve strength in hands
  2. To improve balance
  3. To improve overall strength
  4. To improve endurance
  5. Ability to walk for very long periods of time especially while travelling.
  6. Better posture
  7. Improved sleep
  8. Improved well being and feeling of community

Thoughts from her trainer, Angie:

Elizabeth has been sleeping amazing. She has great energy. Her hand pain is completely gone. She has trimmed down in her waist and hips. She has gained fantastic balance and posture. Her endurance continues to improve.

Angie works with Elizabeth 2 times a week at a gym with fun circuits that’s include strength balance agility and cardio respiratory training as well as flexibility and mobility.

Elizabeth is currently travelling in Asia and feels great about all her accomplishments to date!


82 years old exercising under personal trainer supervision

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