Take your workout outside: Flexibility Training

An outdoor exercise program for older adults

Man over 50 years old, exercising outdoors 

This is the last week of our take it outside blog series with exercises for older adults to bust out of the gym and enjoy the beautiful summer weather we are having in Toronto.  There is lots of conflicting information about when to stretch and the right type of stretches to do.
The key things to know about stretching are:

  • Your muscles and joints should be warm before you stretch.  For most of our clients that means 10 minutes of light walking and big range of movements such as arm and hip circles to get the body warm.
  • There is no wrong time to stretch once you are warmed up.  Vintage Fitness trainers prefer doing dynamic or moving stretches at the beginning of an exercise program and static or held stretches towards the end. We want to make sure that your muscles are ready for static stretches.

Focus on stretching the joint closest to any areas of pain and tension. For example, when clients have lower back pain the root cause is often tight hips and when clients have upper back and neck stiffness the root cause is often tight shoulders

Week 1: Leg Strengthening 
Week 2: Cardiovascular exercise 
Week 3: Upper body strengthening 
Week 4: Balance training
Week 5: Flexibility (This Post) 

Flexibility Training

Leg swings:

Let the leg hang heavy when you do this exercise and hold onto something for balance

Hip circles:

This is a great dynamic stretch in the pool as well where the water helps take some of the weight of your legs.

Elbow circles:

Keep your neck relaxed

Toy Soldier:

This is a dynamic stretch for your hamstrings and also works your balance.

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