Take your workout outside

An outdoor exercise program for older adults

Women over 50 years old, exercising outdoors


The beautiful weather that has arrived in Toronto today inspired this five week blog series all about busting out of the gym and taking your workout outside.  All that you need is an exercise band, a park bench or sturdy garden bench and some will power.

Week 1: Leg Strengthening (This Post)
Week 2: Cardiovascular exercise
Week 3: Upper body strengthening
Week 4: Balance training
Week 5: Flexibility

Leg Strengthening

Bench Squat:

If this exercise hurts your knees make sure that you walk for 5-7 mins to properly warm up your knees or don’t sit right down into the bench- do a quarter squat.

To make it harder: Hold on to hand-weights or slide your exercise band underneath your feet

Side steps with band:

This is a great exercise to strengthen the sides of your legs which are often weak. 

To make it harder: Try a more difficult band and stay in a squat while you do this exercise


Strengthen your glutes which will help ease hip pain and ensure that your walking gait is correct.

To make it harder: Stand on one side of a band and tie the other side to your ankle

Leg curls:

The back of the legs are often one of the weakest and tightest areas of the body.  This exercise will help to strengthen your hamstrings which will help to ease lower back pain.

To make it harder: Stand on one side of a band and tie the other side to your ankle

Good Luck!


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