Take your workout outside: Cardio Focus

An outdoor exercise program for older adults

73 years old woman, enjoying cycling outdoors

Meet Dee who is the picture above- she is 73 and a Vintage Fitness personal trainer. She loves getting outside for her cardiovascular exercise.  This is the second blog in a series all about busting out of the gym and taking your workout outside with a focus on cardiovascular health.  All that you need is an exercise band, a park bench or sturdy garden bench and some will power.

Week 1: Leg Strengthening
Week 2: Cardiovascular exercise (This Post)
Week 3: Upper body strengthening
Week 4: Balance training
Week 5: Flexibility

Cardiovascular exercise

Interval walk:

Shake up your walking route by adding faster intervals into it.  Try 2 minutes regular pace and 30 seconds fast to start and work your way up.

Moutain climber:

This is a great exercise to get your heart rate up and work your core muscles. 

To make it harder: Stand farther away from the bench to challenge your shoulders and core more.

Step ups:

Stay in stair climbing shape and work your legs and your heart with this exercise

Ball throws:

Work on your brain health as well as your heart health with this exercise

Good Luck!


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