Take your workout outside: Upper body strengthening

An outdoor exercise program for older adults

woman doing some light weight exercises outdoors

Perfect weather in Toronto now for exercising outdoors.  This is the third blog in a series all about busting out of the gym and taking your workout outside with a focus on strengthening your upper body.  All that you need is an exercise band, a park bench or sturdy garden bench and some will power.

Week 1: Leg Strengthening
Week 2: Cardiovascular exercise
Week 3: Upper body strengthening (This Post)
Week 4: Balance training
Week 5: Flexibility

Upper body strengthening

Bench push-up:

An easy way to improve your pushing strength. To make it easier step closer to the bench and it make it more difficult take a big step away from the bench.

Modified Tricep dip:

Client sometimes want to tone the backs of their arms—this is the exercise for you.


Use your band to strengthen your mid back which will help your posture and neck pain and tension.

Shoulder stability exercise:

Improve the mobility and strength of the rotational muscles of your shoulders with this band exercise.

Good Luck!


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