How Do Seniors Fitness Experts Measure Strength, Balance and Stamina?

How do seniors fitness experts measure strength, balance and stamina?

One of the big advantages of working with a Vintage Fitness personal trainer is we set and track your fitness goals.  We have developed a best in class fitness assessment that is tailored for seniors and is done during your first session. Watch John and Jennifer, seniors fitness experts, show each assessment that we do step by step.

If you:

  1. Have you done the same walk every day for years without changing your distance,speed or route?
  2. Have had the same fitness goal for years but have never created an attainable roadmap that will improve your ability to achieve the goal?
  3. Do you only track your weight and don’t know how to measure your strength, joint mobility?
  4. Do you feel unmotivated to move because you don’t feel confident that you can get stronger and ease your pain?

Book a free consultation with Vintage Fitness to learn more about how we create successful roadmaps for clients by knowing where they are starting from and where they want to go by setting realistic progressive goals.

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