Top Tips for Getting Up from The Floor With Ease

On December 1st, Vintage Fitness and Inclusive Aging did a webinar together full of information, tips and the best exercises for seniors who have trouble getting up and down off the floor.

The recording of the webinar is above in case you missed it. 

We discussed

  • What muscles need to be strong to get up off the floor
  • Best exercises to strengthen these muscles
  • How to set up your home to make getting off the floor easier
  • Best action plan to start your journey to get off the floor with ease 


There were lots of great questions that came up and answered during the webinar such as:

Q. I fell in my condo hallway and there was no furniture nearby to lean on to help me to stand up.  Can you show me a way to get up without leaning on furniture?

A. If you google getting up off the floor for seniors most demonstrations include rolling to the side, getting to your hands and knees and then using a coffee table to help to get to standing.  If there is no furniture near you, push on the thigh of your front leg to get up instead of a coffee table.  This does take strength and balance. Have a look at the webinar recording for a demonstration.

Q. I have had both of my knees replaced and I can’t kneel. Can you show me how to get up without having to kneel?

A. There is a method called the spiral method which allows you to get up without kneeling.  Make sure you brace your core (pretend someone is going to punch you in the stomach) before you try this method to protect your lower back.  I do demonstrate the spiral method in the webinar.  From a seated position you put both hands down on the floor on your left, stagger your feet, push into your hands and right foot and spin to standing.  Practice from a bench first before trying it from the floor and this method does take strength and balance.

Q. What are the best exercises to do to improve my ability to get down and up off the floor?

A. Download this free ebook


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