Strength Training Has Enabled Susan to Fully Enjoy Her Retirement

From: strength imalace, weak leags, and unable to get out of a chair. To: great posture, strong legs and get up from a chair with ease

Postural alignment and strength training means Susan can do all of the activities she loves

Three years ago Susan retired from financial services. With arthritis in her hips and a lot of sitting, she was not feeling that great about it. Susan heard about Vintage Fitness on the television and said that she used to enjoy the classes that we offered.

When she contacted Vintage Fitness, she was interested in strengthening her body. She feels her thighs are weak and she has difficulty getting up from a chair. As everyone she always feels that one side of her body is stronger and to her it is her right side.

By working on aligning her posture, our trainer Shirley was able to help Susan regain back a lot of mobility and balance in her hips.

Susan’s goals were to be able to get up from a chair and achieve better balance. With her dedication and commitment, she hardly missed a session in the past 8 month. She has long passed her goals and feels confident about her movement.

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