Ian has improved his posture and feels more confident

With the help of his personal trainer, Ian has improved his posture

Ian’s thoughts

My daughter saw my physical fitness going downhill recently as a result of a stroke I had five years ago. It upset her, so she set about finding help for me. VINTAGE FITNESS was and is the answer. The management was quick to answer my needs with a Life Coach and Personal Trainer, Catherine Heaton. On the Consultation call she was quick to come to the decision that I needed 3 training sessions a week. In the at home ASSESSMENT session Catherine listened to my needs compassionately and with great empathy. She asked many questions, took a lot of notes and explained that she would come back with an integrative physical fitness program exclusively fitting my specialized needs. And that she did! In January, when I started with Catherine, I had no confidence in standing without the aid of a walker or cane. My left shoulder was about 4 inches lower than my right shoulder. My head was always hung low.

It is now April! I can stand straight, on my own, for a few minutes. My left shoulder is almost equal in height to my right shoulder! I hold my head high. I would be crazy to say it was easy. My words for Catherine when she asks how I am: “PROPERLY FATIGUED!” Yes it has been hard work, but I do it with a smile, occasional grunts and a confidence in myself as I know that I have an undying support physically and emotionally from Catherine.  My goal besides standing and walking erect is getting on a tricycle this summer!

Ian lives in the High Park Area

Ian’s Vintage Fitness personal trainer Catherine’s thoughts

Ian is more energized, much stronger and standing straighter with his head held high! Ian’s slogan “PROPERLY FATIGUED” is now said with a big smile

Good luck

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