Stay Open to New Things: Aging and Cognitive Health

Your attitude towards aging can have a huge impact on how well you age

How being open to trying new things as we age can benefit our physical and mental health

Your attitude towards aging can have a huge impact on how well you age.  A 13-year research study published by the National Library of Medicine looked at the relationship between openness and cognitive change amongst 2000 people. The study concluded that “that openness has a protective effect on the decline in general knowledge and logical abstract thinking in old age”.  Here is a link the article:

So how do we stay open to trying new things as we age? In my experience based on  working with people over 65 for the last 18 years it is more a state of mind than a list of new activities.  Many of our personal training clients stay excited about learning new things and are ok with doing what they can do instead of not doing anything because they feel they need to do it perfectly or how they did it when they were younger. 

Is there an activity, sport, musical instrument or new language that you have shied away from because you don’t think you will get anywhere or you won’t be any good? Try to shift your thinking to knowing that trying new things is great for your brain and body and it doesn’t matter the outcome, just the effort.  I just started learning to play the guitar and I am terrible.  I don’t have a musical background and I feel sorry for my guitar teacher who has to patiently listen while I try to eek out sounds on my guitar.  Being ok with being terrible at guitar has been a great teacher for me and trying to learn new chords and music has really challenged my brain in a new way.

What is one way that you can be open to try new things this summer?

Good luck

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