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Bill is 70 years old

Part of the vision of Vintage Fitness is to celebrate stories of aging that are both real and inspiring, full of wisdom and something to strive for.  One of our personal trainers, Bill, recently turned 70 and his life view and lifestyle is one of perseverance and determination.  Recent scientific studies have been looking at the impact of how our attitudes towards aging impact both our physical and mental health.  Here are Bill's thoughts on turning 70 and on his health and plans for the next decade.

I'm Bill Ross, a Vintage Fitness personal trainer, and I turned 70 in February.  I do not consider myself exceptional as I feel many of the effects of aging like others in my age group.  My feet, knees, and hips are arthritic.  My blood pressure is elevated, I suffer from acid reflux, and have sleep apnea.  I'll also admit to being about 10 pounds overweight after a long winter and from a recent vacation in the sun. 

Because I want to maintain as much strength and bone density as possible I do resistance training 3 times a week.  To keep my heart and lungs in condition I cycle 3 or 4 times a week.  When the weather is good my wife and I walk between 4 and 6 kilometres in the evening.  My wife is my training partner, we trained at home together during the pandemic, and we go to the gym together.  Having a partner is a good motivational tool:  when I feel like skipping an exercise session I feel I still have to go because I can't let her down, and vice versa.

Before becoming a personal trainer I did exercises recommended to me by other gym users, and training routines I found in fitness magazines.  Every few weeks I seemed to pick up an injury from either too much resistance, increasing the intensity too quickly, or from not having enough rest between sessions.  Personal trainers will prescribe you exercises appropriate for you, and will increase exercise intensity at a rate your body can cope with.

As I stated in the opening I don't think I'm exceptional.  I think most other people my age can reach my level of fitness, increase their energy levels, and enjoy the benefits of exercise.  In my professional opinion it's best to have a personal trainer help with this, as you will avoid the pitfalls I suffered in my early years.  If you can, train with your partner or spouse, then you will encourage each other as you feel and see the benefits of your efforts. 

Bill talks about his approach

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