Are We Really Only as Old as We Feel?

Our body gets older but it is in our minds that we really age

The team of seniors fitness experts at Vintage Fitness meet every Wednesday morning over zoom to learn and grow together.  Recently we discussed a podcast hosted by the MedFit network with Dr Martinez who researches biocognition.

Here is a link to the podcast:  Podcast Link

The team enjoyed the podcast and commented:

  • We agreed with Dr Martinez that often society and sometimes adult children of our clients have a fixed view on what people that are older can do and this creates a mental barrier to their progress.

  • The point in the podcast when Dr Martinez says that our body gets older but it is our mind that can age if we let them.

  • “Group think” amongst seniors can be a source of positivity  or negativity.  One of the key factors in keeping a curious beginners mind is who we surround ourselves with.  Do we feel connected and nourished? Do we regularly feel joy? Are we confident  and feel validated by the people around us?

  • A few of the trainers shared stories about clients who rejected societal norms about what an “old” person can and cannot do and their progress is amazing!

  • We need to ensure that as a team we continue to work to honour and tap into the wisdom of our elders opposing societal ideas that getting older is somehow bad, something to fight against.

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