Help Vintage Fitness Support a Refugee Family from Afghanistan

Vintage Fitness is supporting a family of three (Haroon, Seemera and Hania) from Afghanistan

Fall is such a busy time and we are all constantly prioritizing what charitable efforts to support which is challenging as they all have merit and deep need.

Vintage Fitness has decided to support a family of three (Haroon, Seemera and Hania) from Afghanistan.  They arrived in July and are incredible.  They have spent four years in Turkey after escaping from Afghanistan following threats from the Taliban.  Unfortunately, the family experienced much hate and isolation in Turkey.  It brought tears to my eyes to see the picture of Hania on her first day of school at Keele Public School in the west end of Toronto.  She is now a happy five year old with lots of new friends and is learning English amazingly fast.

Hania on her first day at the school

Many trainers and Vintage Fitness clients are walking 5km on October 16th to raise funds to continue to support Haroon, Seemera and Hania as they get settled in Canada.  I hope that they feel supported and welcomed after such a difficult journey to get to us.

Here is the link to contribute:


Thank you so very much for your help


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