Why most seniors don’t set fitness goals and why they should

Setting realistic health goals for seniors

At Vintage Fitness our team of seniors fitness experts help seniors set fitness goals everyday.  We take time to ensure the goals are realistic, measurable, time bound and link to something they care deeply about.

Why do most seniors not set fitness goals on their own?

  1. I don’t need a specific goal, I just want to stay as fit and healthy as I can as I age
  2. My health is declining and I won’t be able to achieve any fitness goals at this stage of my life
  3. I am managing a difficult health condition which makes it really difficult to set any goals in my life
  4. I have been working hard my whole life, I just want to relax and enjoy- not set goals

Why we set goals with our clients:

  1. If we don’t know where you want to get to it is hard for us to coach you to get there
  2. It provides focus and motivation on days you don’t feel like training
  3. We know if the training that we are doing with you is working if we have clear goals to track against
  4. It gives you confidence to have a series of smaller goals that lead to your bigger goals
  5. When we set goals that connect to something that is important to you such as getting ready for a big trip or continuing to live independently they allow you see how you are going to successfully attain your goals
  6. Goals set shared expectations: what  “staying fit and healthy as you age” means to you could be quite different than what it means to your trainer or friend
  7. Realising that if you managing a chronic health condition such as Parkinson's or Osteoporosis maintaining your current Parkinson score or bone density is the often the goal

This is a big, important topic that needs more discussion than a short blog.  Join me on October 19th at 11:00am for a free webinar all about fitness goals for seniors.  We will discuss how to set them, what some realistic goals for seniors are and how to create an exercise plan around your goals.

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