Top Walking Tips for Seniors

Do you love to walk?

Have you been doing the same route at the same pace for years?

Would you like to make your walks more efficient and pain free?

Could your posture improve when you walk?

Have you had heart issues in the past and wondered if walking is safe?

Would you like to learn how to incorporate strength training into your walks?

Vintage Fitness recently taught a webinar all about walking and addresses all of the above.  Erin, the owner of Vintage Fitness and Tamara, a personal trainer and seniors fitness expert taught the webinar.  Our hope is that it will teach you how to walk faster without pain, burn more calories when you walk and encourage you to challenge yourself when you walk with things like interval and hill walks.

Vintage Fitness trainers and clients are walking for a great cause. On October 16th, as a part of the TCS waterfront marathon we are walking 5km to support a family of three from Afghanistan who have recently arrived in Canada.

We would love for you to walk with us and/or support the family:

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Vintage Fitness is a personal training company in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in energizing the lives of people over 50 with exercise.

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