Can Exercise Help to Prevent Alzheimer's?

Can exercise help with Alzheimer's prevention

All of us are fearful of dementia and cognitive decline as we age. Scientific research is learning more everyday about the impact that exercise has on brain health.  Exercise helps to bring blood flow to the brain, helps to manage stress which can negatively impact the brain and if done right forces the brain to use new pathways if other pathways are damaged.

There are genetic factors to consider when it comes to dementia which you can’t control.  During a recent workshop by Med Fit called “lets prevent Alzheimer's with everything we have” they shared a great quote “genetics loads the gun; lifestyle pulls the trigger”.  Try not to blame your genetics and feel like you have no control.

Things that you can do to help prevent dementia:

  1. Exercise 150 minutes per week including cardiovascular, strength, balance and flexibility
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Include brain challenging exercise into your program
    1. Try marching and singing the alphabet
    2. Do exercise with some choreography such as dancing, zumba and tai chi
    3. Do some exercises where your arms cross your body
    4. Try something new- challenge your brain with new exercise programs/activities
    5. Walk a new route
    6. Walk outside instead of inside wherever possible (this will increase your levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor which helps to clean brain pathways)
    7. Exercise with a friend or personal trainer to get social connection with your exercise
  4. To learn more about improving your brain health watch a recent webinar on the topic:

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