Questions to Ask When Trying to Get Your Parents to Exercise More Often

kids envouraging parents to exercise and be healthy

Vintage Fitness helps seniors achieve the energy and motivation to do all of the activities that are most important to them. We keep them living independently in their homes, strong enough to do the things they love and energized enough to stay connected and engaged with their families and the world. We have been doing this work since 2005 and ONLY train seniors.

Starting to exercise after years of being sedentary, following an injury or with a health condition such as Parkinsons, Arthritis or Balance Conditions can feel scary and it is easier to give up or ignore the issue. We have seen seniors in their 80's and 90's gain strength, stamina and mobility with regular exercise. Research shows that a 1% gain in fitness results in a 1% reduction in chronological age and can prevent the onset of dementia.

We offer free consultations which can be done on zoom, take only 45 minutes and give your parents a chance to meet a trainer, learn how they might work with your parents to achieve the personal wellness goals that are uniquely meaningful to them and see how much fun getting healthy can be.

Here are some tips to motivate your parents to have a free no cost consultation with a seniors fitness expert at Vintage Fitness:

  • Ask the hard questions: They need to understand their severity of their current health challenges. Staying the same is easier than making an effort to change. Ask your parents " what will happen in the next year if you stay sedentary"? What is holding you back from committing to regular exercise and what would you like to do about that?

  • Show examples of seniors like them getting stronger, more balanced and more independent. Have a look at the Vintage Fitness website under blogs and search " client success stories".

  • Create a cheerleading team: We all thrive when people we love are cheering for us. Ask your family and their friends for help to encourage and support them. Some of our clients do some exercises with their parents either in person or virtually.

  • Make sure they don't feel this is out of their control: Taking over and pushing your parents into a consultation will make them feel like they are losing their independence which is the very thing they hope to gain by adding more movement into their lives.

  • Plan ahead for barriers: What is the plan on mornings your parents wake up with pain? If it is raining and they planned to go for a walk? They are busy with guest?

  • Take small steps: A big change may feel overwhelming for your parents. Start with a free consultation and see where it goes from there.

Call, text or email Sid with any questions or to book a consultation:

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