Top Tips for Seniors to Ease Their Low Back Pain

Vintage Fitness Trainer Dave recently gave an hour long webinar about back pain

Personal trainer and seniors fitness expert from Vintage Fitness Dave recently gave an hour long webinar about back pain. 

He covered:

  1. The main causes of back pain with a focus on chronic back pain
  2. Some of the main triggers that are causing your pain back to continue
  3. Spine friendly solutions for everyday living
  4. An approach to rebuild your back’s capacity and enjoy activities of daily living

If you are a senior with chronic back pain, Vintage Fitness would like to help.  We offer in person assessments and training, one on one virtual training and small group virtual training specially for clients that suffer from back pain.

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Save the Date:

Our next webinar is on September 7th at 11:00.  The topic is Top Walking Tips for Seniors.  This webinar is for seniors that love to walk but have pain when they walk or have been doing the same walk for years without any gains.



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