How to Make Virtual Personal Training Work: Client Success Story

Pam and her Personal Trainer Dee have transitioned to Virtual Training

Pam Yokom has been personal training with Vintage Fitness trainer Dee for the last five years.  They have made amazing progress improving Pam’s posture, range of motion in her joints and improving her energy levels.  Over the last week Pam and Dee have successfully shifted to virtual training using Zoom.  I asked Pam and Dee how they make virtual training work.

  1. What barriers did you have to overcome to get your head around training virtually and how did you overcome them?
    The primary barrier was psychological. My original reason for engaging an in-home personal trainer is the simple fact that I do not exercise on my own. By paying a significant sum of money and having an individual go to the trouble and effort of coming to my home I am forced/guilted into exercising. The idea of doing it by phone or internet reduces the guilt while greatly increasing the perceived relative expense.
  2. What benefits are you noticing from the training?
    • We’ve only done one session but it went surprisingly well. The primary benefit is that it gets me out of the chair and moving. I am in danger of gaining a lot of weight due to boredom, and the session this morning showed me how much stamina I’ve lost in the 2 weeks since her last visit.
    • Secondly, I feel like I am taking back some control of my life/time.
      This self isolation provides little flexibility and I am not allowing visitors in nor going out. The virtual Vintage  and Dee sessions are surprisingly pleasurable socially  and are totally distinct from the constant, depressing Coved-19 coverage. It is nice to have a formal exercise period as part of my daily schedule.
    • A final benefit is that Dee will continue to earn some income. I was reluctant to pay full price for what seemed to me would be a half-assed workout, but Dee has figured out to give a full workout virtually
  3. What advice do you have for seniors that are not tech savy but know how important continuing their training is?
    Just do it.
    Technically it was easy - just prop an iPad on a plate display rack, stabilize it with a tea towel and point it in the direction of the exercise space. Dee and I did it using FaceTime/Whatsapp,  but I’m sure Zoom on any size computer/cell phone/tablet pairing would be fine. Because I was some distance from the iPad I couldn’t see Dee, however she was close to her screen so could see my every move - and correct my form. I could hear her clearly, and after 4 years I know the ropes.  We used my equipment - stability ball, little ball, tension band, chair, counter, floor mat - but I’m sure i could have had a productive session without them. I only lack weights, so will have an even better session when they arrive.
    Erin, this is a difficult time calling for inventive solutions. Surprisingly, virtual fitness sessions are a simple and rewarding solution on how to stay active and involved while in seclusion.
    Stay well

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