Top Information on Osteoarthritis from a Seniors Fitness Expert

Working with clients who have osteoarthritis presentation

On June 4th the Vintage Fitness team got together to learn and bond.  One of our presentations was all about Osteoarthritis done by Anthony Crescenzi.  This information is important for seniors that suffer from Osteoarthritis.  It covers what the condition is, the causes and how best to treat it.  Below is some slides from the training presentation as well as a video of Anthony presenting to the Vintage Fitness team about Osteoarthritis.

What is osteroarthritis

Incidince of Osteoarthritis

Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Supplements for Osteoarthritis

Diet for Osteoarthritis

Diet to avoid for people sith Osteoarthritis

Why to exercise if it hurts?

Exercises for people who suffers from Osteoarthritis

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