Strategies To Motivate Your Parents To Exercise

Kids love to see their parents in good shape and exercising

It is hard for all of us to motivate ourselves to exercise but if you are in pain, worried about injuring yourself, have dementia or never exercised earlier in your life, it can feel insurmountable.

Vintage Fitness has been motivating older people with our in home personal training program to exercise for the last 17 years. 

A few key strategies include:

  1. Goal creation: Make sure that your mom or dad have a goal that they care deeply about and remind them how each exercise will help to get them to their goal.
  2. It is about commitment not motivation: Your parents will feel demotivated on most days to exercise especially at the beginning of their program.  Ask for a set commitment before starting a new exercise program.  I recommend three months, two or three days a week of exercise for 30 minutes to see fast progress.  The 30 minutes can be broken into 10 minute segments.
  3. Hire a professional: If you have tried for years to get your parents moving unsuccessfully, it may be time to bring in the pros.  Book a free consultation below to tell us a bit more about your mom or dad and to find out more about our programs.
  4. Surround them with role models: Having other active people in their lives will make a bit different to support and foster their exercise habit
  5. Learn more: Listen to this webinar by our 78 and 67 year old trainers on how they motivate themselves and their clients to exercise:

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