What I Learned Through Osteoporosis.ca Bonefit Basic’s Certification Course

Worried about bone density? Learn top tips on Osteoporosis and Exercise

Recently, I completed the Bonefit Basics Certification Course through Osteoporosis Canada. I was motivated to take this course as I wanted to feel more comfortable when working with individuals with low bone density and osteoporosis.

Three key take away points that I can apply to my clients training are as follows:

  1. Spine Sparing-incorporate movements that protect the spine and encourage better alignment in both exercise and activities of daily living. Spine sparing activities and movements can aid in injury prevention and are especially useful for those at risk of vertebral fractures. An example of an exercise that incorporates the idea of spine sparing is leaning how to properly hip hinge keeping the back in good alignment while bending over to pick up an object, preventing one from overloading the spine in a flexed position.
  2. Balance – Have the individual practice balance daily for 15 to 20 minutes this decreases a person’s risk of falls and another tool that can assist in reducing the likelihood of fracture due to a fall. This can be all at once or split up throughout the day.  Balance doesn’t have to be difficult to be effective. Some examples I like to use, are standing with feet close together (decreasing your base of support) while shifting one’s weight gently from side to side or a staggered stance with feet close together while one foot is slightly in front of the other progressing to one foot fully in front of the other (Tandem Stance).
  3. Strength training – Another very important tool to aid in the prevention of fractures is through strength training. Incorporating strength training exercises two days per week is recommended. Exercises vary based on the individuals needs, experience and fracture risk.

I am glad I took this course because it has helped me build my skills, build my confidence to help me clients achieve their goals and I can proudly say I’m Bonefit trained.

Lastly, a great resource for questions and to learn about Osteoporosis is through Osteoporosis.ca I highly recommend checking it out!

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