Improve Your Posture, Ease Your Pain Webinar

Improve your posture and ease your pain webinar. March 9, 2022

Do you have pain? Posture could be the problem
Free Postural Alignment Webinar

Join Vintage Fitness postural alignment specialist Shirley in this free webinar on March 9th at 11:00am. 

If you:

  1. Have chronic pain in your hips, knees, neck
  2. Are concerned about your posture
  3. Sit for long periods of time
  4. Not sure what the best exercises to improve your posture
  5. Have been managing an injury for years but haven’t considered improved posture could help
  6. Had to stop activities that you love due to pain

Learn how to manage your pain by aligning your joints with the focus on back pain in this webinar.

PS. register even if you can’t attend and you will get the recording the day after the webinar

Webinar Recording


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