Vintage Fitness is working hard to keep you safe from CoVid

We have developed an extensive proces to ensure our Trainers do not transmit CoVid

Unfortunately it seems like our CoVid numbers in Ontario are on the rise.  I wanted to remind you of the CoVid processes that we have at Vintage Fitness.  The picture above is me picking up CoVid rapid test kits from the Oakville Chamber of Commerce for the team.

Ensuring that our trainers do not transmit CoVid to our clients is paramount. 

We have developed an extensive process which includes:

  1. All of our trainers are doubly vaccinated and will get the third booster as soon as they are eligible
  2. Trainers wear masks if they are training in person
  3. All trainers have CoVid rapid tests and they test themselves at least once a week
  4. Trainers and clients cancel all in person training sessions if they have any CoVid like symptoms
  5. Clients can seamlessly shift to training over zoom at any time

If you have questions about our CoVid processes or would like to try a zoom training session with your trainer please take to your trainer directly or phone me directly (647) 598-4496

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