Best Exercises to Get Off the Floor With Ease

Webinar on how seniors can get off the floor with ease

  1. Are you worried that you would struggle to get off the floor if you fell?
  2. Do you live on your own and are unsure if you get down and up off the floor?
  3. Do you avoid activities that require you to get on the floor?

Getting up and down from the floor is an important part of living independently.  It is more complicated than you may think, requiring balance, lower body strength, upper body strength. Mobility, agility and core strength.  Vintage Fitness has lots of resources to support you in your journey to build strength to keep you doing all of the activities that you love even if they include having to get down on the floor.

  1. Free Ebook with the right exercises to be doing to get off the floor with ease:

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  1. Free Webinar Wednesday December 1st with and Occupational Therapist from Inclusive Aging.  Register now:

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Good Luck!


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