Garden Without Lower Back Pain the next Day

Gardening exercise

One of the most common complaints after gardening exercise is lower back pain.  Many gardening movements require strength and flexibility in the lower back such as shoveling, weeding and planting.  It is important to warm up before you start gardening with a 5-10 minute walk and take regular breaks.

Here are a few exercises to strengthen and stretch your lower back and abdominals to get you ready to garden


Benefits of the exercise: This is a great exercise to strength the muscles of your gluts (buttocks) and eases pain in the lower back.


  • Keep your feet close enough into your bum that you can graze your hands on the back of your shoes
  • Lift your hips to knee height

How many should I do?:

  • Try 10-12

Bridge exercise


Plank (from knees or toes)

Benefits of the exercise: Strengthens abdominals and shoulders


  • If you feel any lower back discomfort when you do this exercise try it from the knees
  • Make sure that your hips are not sagging down. 

How long should I hold it?

  • 30-45 seconds.

Plank exercise



Benefits of the exercise: This exercise is great for the muscles that support your spine, your balance and your brain health. 


  • Line your knees up underneath your hips and your hands underneath your shoulder
  • Only lift to hip height

How many should I do?

  • 8-10  on either side

Bird/Dog exercise


Lower Back Stretch

Benefits of the exercise: Easy way to stretch your lower back and shoulders


  • You can use the fence in your backyard during one of your gardening breatk
  • For a deeper stretch move your feet farther away from the wall

How long should I hold it for?

  • 30-60 seconds

Lower Back Stretch


I would also recommend stretching your wrists out after gardening

Wrist Stretch

Benefits of the exercise: This is a great exercise to stretch the muscles and tendons of your wrist


  • Stop if you feel pain
  • Keep the elbow straight but not locked

How long should I hold it for?

  • 30 seconds either side

Wrist Stretch

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