Lessons from Our 77 Year Old Personal Trainer

Dee and friends having fun outdoors during the winter time

Dee and friends resting after cycling

Dee Simpson, the Vintage Fitness personal trainer that works in downtown Toronto turned 77 this week.  I am amazed at Dee’s energy, passion for helping other and contagious positive energy. Dee has worked as a personal trainer for 10 years which is her 4th career!  She role models staying active, vibrant and engaged as she inches towards 80.

Keys to Dee’s success:

  • She knows how to motivate and inspire others:  Clients are able to do what they never thought possible and realize how important staying active is as they age.  One of Dee’s clients has a wonderful expression when she exceeds her expectations “my god if you can’t motivate somebody to do something nobody can!!”
  • Literally walks the walk: Dee is an active cyclist, hiker and snowshoe enthusiast.  She is also an adventure traveller with much of her travel in the third world.
  • Cares deeply about her clients, work and community: Dee is a lifelong volunteer and always goes the extra mile for her clients.
  • Can have difficult conversations: these pivotal conversations allow her relationships to continue to deepen.

Have a look at Dee in action: Personal Trainer Downtown Toronto

Happy Birthday Dee and thank you for the amazing work that you do at Vintage Fitness

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