Preventing Falls in the Snow

Seniors enjoying a walk on the snow

Winter has officially come to Toronto with lots of snow today and cold temperatures that look like they are here to stay to welcome Christmas.  Falls are the most common cause of injury for older adults but in many cases they are preventable.

I created a short video to remind you of some tips to stay safe while walking on the snow and ice.

Remember to:

  1. Keep walkways clear of snow and ice
  2. Wear boats with lots of grip or if you do lots of winter walking consider grips such as Yaktrak’s.
  3. Walk like a penguin on ice and snow using small shuffle steps
  4. Keep your hands out of your pockets to brace yourself  in case you fall
  5. Keep moving- the more sedentary you are the weaker your muscles get and the increased chance that you have for a fall
  6. Strength train to keep your leg muscles strong and stable. Here is a link to a free ebook filled with exercise programs.
  7. Balance train.  Check out the vintage fitness balance training blog series for some ideas

Please see our previous blog on balance exercises to prevent falls

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Good Luck!


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