Barriers to Exercise, Part 3

I don’t have any equipment so I can’t exercise

In this Vintage Fitness blog for the month of September, we have been discussing common barriers to exercise for people over 50 and how to overcome them.  This week is all about not having any exercise equipment and hating gyms.  There are a few body parts that are a bit more difficult to work without any equipment such as back and hamstrings but for the most part, you can work all of your major muscles and joints with your own body weight and things that you find in your kitchen.


Here is a facebook live video, from this morning,  showing how you warm up your joints and muscles while your kettle is boiling.  I apologize that my wi-fi kicked me out during the end of this video.  Pictures of the 2 exercises that I planned to show you at the end of the video are below.

Counter push ups:

Do 15 of them.  To make it harder step farther away from your counter

Easy to do exercises while you are cooking

Tea towel back rows

Do 15 of these.  Keep your shoulders back and down and pull the tea towel tight for a bit of resistance.

Easy to do exercises while you are cooking

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