Barriers to Exercise, Part 2

Older adult face challenges to exercise

My Balance is not good

The blogs for the month of September have been about overcoming barriers.  Many thanks to Nanci for her vote on the blog for this week from our new Facebook Accountability group

Clients can be hesitant to start an exercise program, especially balance training, if they feel that they have poor balance. 

A few tips to get over the exercise barrier of "my balance is not good"

  1. Have a proper balance assessment done so you have a baseline on your balance score and understand which aspects of your balance are poor.  Vintage Fitness does offer a 90 min assessment which includes a full balance assessment.
  2. Be safe: always have a wall, back of the chair or counter-top close by to grab when doing exercises that make you feel unsteady
  3. Know that unless you strengthen your legs and ankles your balance will continue to decline so starting balance exercises will be a step in the right direction
  4. Go slowly- start with easy balance exercises and build up
  5. Balance train in a pool: a pool is a great place to challenge your balance with the only risk being getting wet.

Here is a link to some balance exercises for you to try:

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