Client Success Story: 90 Days of Exercise Makes a Difference

Bill Ross, the Vintage Fitness Markham personal trainer, and  his client Joanne have worked hard for the past 3 months

Bill Ross, the Vintage Fitness Markham personal trainer, and his client Joanne have worked hard for the past 3 months.  Congratulations Joanne for starting an exercise program, sticking to it, increasing your lean muscle, building your stamina and strength.

Bill’s Thoughts:

Our 71-year old client Joanne began training with us 3 months ago.  At our initial assessment she weighed 69.9 Kilos and her body fat was 36.9%, just edging into the “over fat” zone.  She performed 92 steps in a two minute step test.  At the test completion her heart rate was 90 BPM and after 2 minutes had dropped to 80 BPM.  I also had her do an arm curl test and counted how many times she could perform a biceps curl with a 5lb dumbbell.  She did 15 which is a good result.

For goals she decided on losing 5lbs, but requested that we did not ask her to alter her diet.  She also settled on improving her step test result.

After 3 months she had lost 2.2 kilos (4.9lbs).  Her repeat of the step test was impressive:  she drummed out 150 steps, a great improvement.  At the end of the test her heart rate was 88 BPM, lower than the previous result, but after two minutes it had dropped to 76 BPM.  So although working at a much greater intensity her heart rate at test completion and after two minutes was lower.

I also had her do the arm curl test again, this time she improved from 15 curls to 25.

Joanne’s body fat has now dropped below 35% which puts her into the ideal weight range for her age group. She has now adopted exercise as a permanent element of her lifestyle.

If you or someone in your family is experiencing  a decline in your physical performance please contact us at Vintage Fitness (416) 951-7978 or email .  We have the knowledge and training, and can help.

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