Our Amazing Centenarian Client Teaches Us about Resilience

Jim is 100 years old. On the left doing some light weight lifts, on the middle with his daughter and on the right with his Personal Trainer

Jim is 100 and a half years old - and his personal trainer Dee is constantly and consistently amazed by him. She praises him constantly as her inspiration - and she tells all who will listen that he brings her so much joy - “Jim is really one of the most incredible and focused and tenacious human being that I’ve even had the privilege to work alongside”. 

Jim has been working with Vintage Fitness since his extraordinary daughter Lee – with whom he lives – bought him 6 months of training sessions for his 99th birthday present!  He was steadily building strength and stamina.  However, half-way through last year, Jim contracted severe pneumonia, which culminated in an intensive 2-month hospital stay.  All were very worried that he wouldn’t be able to bounce back - as he was exceedingly weak and unable even to stand, let alone walk, when he finally returned home just in time for Christmas. But by some miracle he did bounce back with a vengeance - and over the past months he’s not only set some serious fitness goals with Dee – and they have all been achieved well before their SMART goal deadlines!   “And if that isn’t courage and willpower, I don’t know what is”!

The first of his four ambitious goals = to be able to get down – and then up again - the 7 outside steps to the front garden (he’d been unable to climb either up or down stairs in March). Also, to be able to accomplish over 12 chair-stands simultaneously (when we could barely do 4 for his assessment in March) and to consistently be able to get in and out of bed alone (which he couldn’t do at all in March). But the ‘piece de resistance’ goal came from a joke between Jim, Lee and Dee at the end of one session a couple of months ago   when Jim agreed that every time, he goes to the bathroom he will do 2 tours of the apartment with his walker!  The height of this joke is that he always completes his two tours - still literally months later – and even in the middle of the night!!!

Dee describes Jim as her absolute and motivational role-model - with his unbelievably positive attitude to try absolutely everything she asks of him – and “she’s really tough!” says Jim.  And, in their turn, the Vintage Fitness training team have learned so much about sticking with exercise and staying focused in the extreme - despite setbacks or age - from the most wonderful and loving centenarian Jim.

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Good Luck!

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