No Equipment Cottage Workout

If we are lucky we are able to spend some time at a cottage over the summer.  It is easy for our days to be full of sitting, eating and drinking which can leave us feeling tired, stiff and demotivated during and after the summer.  This workout is for people over 50 using only things normally found at cottages such as paddles, Muskoka chairs and rocks.  Each workout has a cardiovascular, leg strength and upper body strength part to them.  If you cant do an exercise drop me  note and I will send through a modified version for you.

Tree workout

Warmup with a 5 min hill walk at your cottage to get the muscles and joints warm before starting this exercise program.

Tree squat hold

Tree squat hold exercise



  • Make sure that you stand far enough away from the tree that your knees make a 90 degree angle
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds and do 2-3 sets

Tree push up

Tree push up exercise



  • To make It harder stand farther away from the tree
  • If your hands are wider you will feel it more in the chest and narrower you will feel it more in the backs of your arms
  • Keep your core braced to protect your lower back

Rock Dips

Rock Dips exercise



  • Keep your shoulder down
  • Elbows should bend behind you and not flair out to the side during this exercise
  • You should feel the work in the backs of your arms

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Good Luck!

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