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Vintage Fitness has a brand new toolkit of assessments

A key part of achieving your health and fitness goals is defining your goals clearly and designing a fitness program that will get you there.   The personal training team at Vintage Fitness has been using the senior's fitness test as a base for our assessments.  We realized that it is a good base but we wanted to develop a more multifacited assessment

Over the last 6 months Vintage Fitness personal trainers John Bocti and Jen Couto have worked hard to develop a new fitness assessment which the whole personal training team has now been trained to use.

The components include:

  • Postural assessment
  • Analysis of the range of motion in your joints
  • Manual muscle testing to test for strength and muscle imbalances
  •  Balance test
  • Body composition (includes body fat %)
  • Functional movement analysis (includes everyday activities such as picking something up off the floor)
  • Cardiovascular/Endurance assessment

Have a look at this quick video of Vintage Fitness trainer John demonstrating the 4 square test which is one of our functional movement tests.

Video :

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