Planning and Persistence Plays Off

Peter is an 86 year-old Vintage Fitness client.  He has artificial knees and hips and issues with thrombosis but he is persistent with his home exercises and his trainer Karel has a carefully laid out plan for him.

Peter was able to go from a seated position to standing 6 times when he started his training and he can now do it 16 times and can climb his stairs three times a day.  His exercise is allowing him to stay living independently in his home.

Karel’s training plan for Peter is to build the strength in his legs, improve his balance and walking speed.  She uses innovative equipment such as the mini loop band in the video below to train some often neglected muscles in his legs and hips.

If you feel like you are too old for training or won’t be able to improve because of a health condition or old injury use Peter as motivation to get moving.

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Good Luck!


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