Exercises to Prevent Falls

Fall prevention is important as we age. Improve your balance.

It is February and the weather here in Toronto is cold and the roads are a bit slippery.  It is tempting to hibernate inside which weakens the leg and ankle muscles putting older adults at greater risk of a fall. 

Vintage Fitness personal training clients often ask our training team of 50+ fitness experts to help to improve their balance.  As we age balance worsens due to physiological changes in the body such as loss of hairs in the inner ear that help with balance  and worsening of depth vision.  These changes can’t be prevented but you can do specific exercise to improve what is called your somatosensory balance as well and the strength in your ankles and legs.

Below are the best exercises to prevent falls.  For safety do these exercises next to a wall in case you lose your balance.

Try the exercises on this live video to easily strengthen your legs, hips and improve your balance.

Video :

If you have questions or would like a Vintage Fitness 50+ fitness expert to come to your home and develop a fall prevention exercise program drop me a note erin@vintagefitness.ca.

Good Luck!


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