The Perfect Deadlift

Anthony, Personal Trainer, Burlington, demonstrating how to do the deadlift exercise

This blog continues my profile of the 50+ fitness expert vintage fitness personal training team.  Anthony is our trainer in the Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton area.  His enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious.  I have been asking each of our trainer to pick an exercise that they often seen done incorrectly and show the mistakes often made as well as how to fix them.

Anthony picked deadlifts which are a fantastic exercise to strengthen the backs of your legs (hamstrings) as well as your butt muscles if it is done properly.  If done improperly deadlifts can strain the lower back and cause back pain.

Practice your deadlift technique with no weight or a very light weight to start and then add weigh when you have perfected the movement.  Have a look at the video below to learn how to do that perfect deadlift

Try 8-10 deadlifts
3 rounds


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Good Luck!


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