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Important factors in the success of exercise in the Older Adult

Guest Blogger - Vintage Fitness Trainer Dee Simpon

Important factors in the success of exercise in the Older Adult  

Dee Simpson, a Vintage Fitness personal trainer who is herself in her mid 70’s has 7 top tips to ensure your success starting and keeping up your exercise program.

Important factors in the success of exercise in the Older Adult

  • MUST start new exercise activity slowly – need not be strenuous and ideally should be performed 3 – 5 times/week
  • Ideally must have the full support of your family and friends – to help and encourage your journey.
  • MUST choose something that you really enjoy – to make it a success that will continue.
  • MUST commit to an exercise schedule and ideally keep a log – of which you will become very proud!
  • MUST have a consultation with your doctor BEFORE you start your new exercise schedule
  • MUST consider current and upcoming health concerns – and how they may affect your workouts.  e.g. Diabetics may need to adjust the timing of medication and meal plans before setting the exercise schedule.
  • MUST listen to your body = no shortness of breath, no dizziness, no pain etc.
  • Keep in mind that there are four areas of exercise for you to incorporate:
    • Cardio = walking, climbing stairs, gardening, swimming, dancing to get the heart pumping harder for a longer time.
    • Strength and Power = getting out of a car, up off a chair, opening a jar, lifting a heavy package
    • Balance = Yoga or Thai Chi to reduce the risk of falling
    • Flexibility = tying your shoes, shampooing your hair, playing with your grand children

Good Luck!


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