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Grandfather lifting his grandson

My mom jokily says that she thinks that she loves her grandchildren more than she loved her kids.  She went on to explain that for her as a grandparent she better understands how precious time is with children when they are young and she takes the time with them as opposed to running around trying to get things done as most parents have to.

A few Vintage Fitness clients mentioned to me that they have trouble lifting their grandchildren into their cribs and beds without suffering from back pain or feeling off balance.  This feeling is understandable as kids get heavy fast and cribs designs keep the babies safe but can put our backs into awkward positions.

The key areas to of fitness to develop to easily put your grandchildren to bed:

  1. Core strength: this will help to support your lower back to be able to take the strain of lifting the baby into the crib.
  2. Shoulder strength: this will help to easily lift your grandkids up when it is bed time
  3. Balance: The worst fear for many parents and grandparents is falling while holding a child.  Balance training will help you become more stable and feel more confident holding your grandkids.

Do the exercises in this video everyday for 2 weeks and let me know if it makes a difference for your via email

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