Making everyday activities easier - Checking your blind spot

Exercises for checking your blind spot more easily 

A few months ago I wrote a blog series all about the best exercises to make everyday activities such as putting your bra on, lifting a bag into overhead storage and getting down on the floor easier.  Many people really enjoyed the series and have asked me write a few more blogs on the topic.  If you have any activities in your life that you think could be made easier with exercise but need help figuring out what to do drop me a note and I will write a blog about it.

Neck and shoulder mobility exercises video

As we get older our necks and shoulders tend to stiffen due to poor posture and sitting too much of our day.  Checking your blind spot while you are driving or turning your head to check across the road before crossing is paramount to your safety.

The issue when someone can’t turn their head easily is often linked to tight shoulders, neck, and poor posture.

Try this series of 5 exercise in this video to improve flexibility in your upper body, develop good posture and balance train.

Good Luck!


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